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What is a U.K. Petite Soccer License?

A U.K. Petite Soccer license offers a complete “Turn Key” package for you to start up and run your own business doing something you love, without many of the hassles and headaches of starting a business independently.

U.K. Petite Soccer licensing is the process by which you can become authorized to independently operate U.K. Petite Soccer Camps and Programs. By entering into a licensing agreement you can bring this unique opportunity to your local community, or develop a larger region or area. It is the ideal opportunity to build a vibrant and satisfying business in a field that is extremely exciting and fun to be in!

A license agreement allows you to use the U.K. Petite Soccer trademark as well as the unique curriculum in classes with children and parents. It also provides you with tools such as secure online registration to run your business as simply and efficiently as possible

It allows U.K. Petite Soccer to establish and maintain its standards of quality as well as support the individual ideas and creativity of each licensee.

What support would be provided by U.K. Petite Soccer?

As a licensee you would have the full support and guidance of the U.K. Petite Soccer Management in the initial set up and ongoing development of your business:
  • Comprehensive initial training and ongoing support in U.K. Petite curricula and teaching methodology
  • Training and ongoing support in sales and marketing methodology using proven, successful strategies
  • Compliance support including guidance securing appropriate insurance, following appropriate hiring procedures, and more.
  • Website housing within U.K. Petite Soccer website including secure on-line registration
  • Marketing templates including print and web-based media
  • Opportunity to purchase equipment and merchandise for use and/or sale
  • Hassle free fee collection support. We’ll do all the registration and banking for you!

Is a U.K. Petite Soccer License right for you?

  • Do you love working with young children?
  • Do you enjoy sports and want to be actively involved in teaching athletic skills?
  • Are you an outgoing, animated person with the ability to excite and engage children and / or your staff?
  • Are you looking for a way to build or supplement your income doing something you love?
  • Do you want the flexibility to work around your own schedule and timelines?
  • Do you live in or have access to communities with a significant population of families with young children and a high level of participation in youth sports and activities?
If you answered YES to the questions above then you are the ideal candidate for a U.K. Petite Soccer License.

U.K. Petite

What is the cost of a U.K. Petite License?

Depending on the geographical and demographic reach of your territory U.K. Petite Soccer Licenses range in price from approximately $5,000 - $10,000 for a 2-year term and an ongoing management fee of 12.5% of gross income from tuition fees for services briefly out lined above (further details available on request). Options to extend license agreements are offered subject to satisfactory performance and compliance.

Register your interest in applying for a U.K. Petite License

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